Tuesday, 13 October 2015

5 Useful Home Loan Tips for Home Buyers

Buying a house is once in a lifetime decision that one takes, as the spiralling prices of the property and the high rate of interest rate regime in the market. It becomes very important to find and select the right home loan product in the market becomes much more significant to avoid any uncertainty in near future.

Do Your Research:

It is very important for the customer to do their homework and their research work, as the agents generally are bias. There are certain banks that provide Home Loan at quite significant low amount but they pay less commission to agents thus they don’t encourage customers to take loan from such banks.

Look into parking your additional Funds:

With few banks you get the opportunity to allow borrowers to invest their additional funds in the loan accounts. This makes a significant difference with reduce the interest rates from the principal amount for the time that amount was invested. Such features have been added recently making this more efficient.

Know about Floating and Fixed Rate of Interest

Banks normally offer two types of interest rates, Fixed Interest Rates and Floating Interest Rates. Floating Interest Rates are offered majorly by government banks as these vary according to the market, while fixed rate of interest are mainly provided through private banks and are fixed for the tenure. Usually floating rate of interest is cheaper than fixed rates.

Set your CIBIL Score right:

CIBIL Score plays a major role in helping you get attractive offers, it has been observed that people with CIBIL more than 750 points in 80% chances get their loan. So before applying for loan, it is advisable to know your CIBIL score.

Pay max Down Payment:

It is always advisable to the borrower to pay as much as they can as it reduces the principle amount and thus you pay less interest on the principle. So before taking out the loan against the property it is advised to pay maximum down payment.

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