Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Charms Castle A New Residential Complex In Ghaziabad Straight From Your Own Dream Land

Castle, when you think of a castle the mind conjures an image of big beautiful structure with turrets and flags and moats somewhat like a Disney movie. While ordinary folks like us cannot afford to live in the castles of such kind we can definitely own a home that’s nothing short of a castle courtesy of the real estate company Charms India. 

Charms India has a built a swanky new property in the heart of Raj Nagar Extension, with luxurious two and three BHK apartments in an expansive green environment, you won’t feel anything less that king living in this property. Charm Castle is situated on NH-58, bang next to the highway. Ghaziabad is emerging as the next hot destination for residential development after Noida and Gurgaon and Raj Nagar Extension is the pulsating hub of this destination. 

So, this property not only offers you luxury but connectivity as well. 
While the project boasts of many facilities like gymnasium, jogging park and the biggest draw of all- 24-hr power backup and water supply,  it also offers safety both in  terms of the buildings itself which are earthquake resistant and the security to residents by offering high-tech security with intercom facilities and fire fighting system inside the campus. 

If all of this isn’t already enough, let me paint a picture, to make it even more appealing. Imagine yourself sitting on your balcony, sipping tea, looking at beautiful, lush green gardens and enjoying pollution free air. The property even though being on a highway has a green cover that ensures that you enjoy fresh air, while living in the city might have made you jaded about the whole quality of air argument, just imagine your children being able to play and enjoy themselves in such an environment. The image begs consideration.

At this point of time you might be thinking that how in the world would it be possible that a residential project which offers you practically everything for a luxury living be anywhere inside the realm of your budget. 

Well, there is no need to worry on that part either as the project has been created as an affordable space with very competitive prices.So there it is your own chance of living like a king with all the trappings and that too at a price point of your liking. It really cannot get better than this. Think about it.

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