Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Home Decor Tips

A complex with walls and furniture only becomes your home once it has a touch of your presence. Once you step into a house which holds you by the presence of its home décor is what makes the difference, the ones with well designed space even if it’s a rental or neighbour down the road makes you go awe. 

It is tough, takes time you need to put it bit by bit, piece by piece but its only you who have the power to bring something out of the design catalogue. Now one of the few designs that come straight to my mind is the New Bohemian style is for sure a colourful and playful. 

At the same time it is yet undeniably eye catchy, inviting and cool. The most resourceful tool to use for a more tasteful and variety in home décor is by going online, it is better to craft a design for the most exciting and strong home décor. 

One can browse through number of websites each week, that brings to you best selection of home furnishings, personal accessories and gadgets. You can find a wide range of products and varieties to choose, at quite attractive prices.

Great News for Homebuyers, cut on Interest Rate.

Reduced Rate Of Interest makes this Diwali a great occasion to invest in property.

Loans are now an integral part of our lifestyle and a major chunk of our salaries goes into them. From purchasing a Home to live in, to a Vehicle to drive and even Phones that we use most of us get them via loan. This blog would help you understand the current scenario in Loan Sector.

With great news from RBI on the 5th of October 2015 by cutting down the rates, existing and potential home buyers are delighted as this means it would bring down the borrowing cost.

This step taken by the RBI would be a considerable reduction in the EMI that one would pay, for a home loan of 60 lakh for 20 years there would be a cut down by almost Rs 1500, this has given customers huge relief.

With the latest RBI measures to protect customers with home loans is a proposal to change the way banks determine their `base rate’, acting as a benchmark for all floating rate loans.

This step taken has been taken by Reserve Bank of India, as customers had been complaining of a raw deal in pricing.

Reserve Bank of India has been taking various measures in recent years to offer a better deal for home loan borrowers.