Saturday, 28 May 2016

How to Protect Your Garden This Summer

With the temperature hitting 48 degrees it’s not just who are wilting in the sweltering heat but the plants too. In the rising temperature gardening enthusiasts have arrived at ways to keep their garden blooming. Here we share some of the tips just for you.
  • Measure your Watering Session-While there is a norm to water your garden thrice a day in summers, it makes more sense to water your plants well in the evening, this ensures that they have enough water to last them till the next morning, if the soil is moist then you just need to sprinkle the water.
  • Keep the Plants healthy- while watering is essential, keeping plants healthy is also equally important. Cover the top layer of the soil with decaying leaves and mulch, bark and compost which provide extra fertilizers for the soil enhancing growth and also help retain the moisture during daytime. Additionally, covering the soil with small pebbles can protect the plants from losing moisture.
  • Add a splash of color-If your garden is looking tired and wilted then make sure to add plants that bloom in summer, giving some color and life to your garden. Shrub roses, adeniums and desert roses are excellent picks for the summer season which gives a dull garden a new lease of life.
  • Green shades and Regular trimming- Cover your plants in green shades and give them trimming weekly; this allows you to avoid drying and helps in the healthy growth. Covering the plants in sweltering afternoons helps them to stay fresh. Remove covers in the early morning and evening sun to allow them to get adequate sunlight and fresh air.

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