Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Organic Liftopia- Luxury in the lap of Nature

Being eco-friendly is concept most of us are aware of, in fact most of us are trying to incorporate the concept into our daily life. Being eco-friendly or nature friendly has gained such momentum that authorities and the state have started initiatives to help us become more green, this is simply due to the fact that in our bid to grow we have ignored nature for too long and now it’s time care if we want our future generations to sustain.

In a scenario like this, it’s no wonder then that our homes are also becoming eco friendly. In a bid to ensure eco friendly existence, Rise group has launched their latest project Organic Liftopia in their series of Organic homes. Organic housing is meant to be an area that is adapted to the natural habitat of man so as to ensure harmony with nature.

Each tower is designed in the form of bean instead of a traditional rectangular form so that sunlight is received at all times from all angles, also windows and doors are designed in a manner to ensure maximum ventilation and natural light. The structure also helps because the aerodynamic structure ensures that wind flow does not put pressure on the building and cause damage.  Apart from the complex has optimum light usage to reduce electricity consumption, water recycling and reuse and low flow fixtures to optimize use of water as well.

While the company has paid attention to the eco friendliness of this venture, they have also made sure that residents enjoy living here, comprising of 4BHK apartments with their own private lifts the apartments here are an epitome of luxury and grace. The builder has provided a variety of facilities including a roof top infinity pool, restaurant, terrace garden, shopping street, jogging track and even a maze. 

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