Thursday, 9 June 2016

Feng Shui for the Kitchen

 Food is an essential element for our survival, so naturally kitchens are one of the most important aspects of a home, so much so that it is considered part of the Feng Shui trinity- of the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen because of its utmost importance to your health and well being.  Here we have a few tips for good Feng Shui of kitchen.

·         Bright and Happy- Kitchens are one of the most active areas of our homes, so bring in bright colors through paint, lighting or nature.

·       Get Organized- Kitchens are sort of like magnets for everything to land so you need to create specific places for everything

·         Clear Clutter on the Refrigerator Door- We generally display a lot of magnets and lists on the refrigerator, but it is advisable to keep it a bit cleaner, more organized and less cluttered.

·         Organize all the drawers and shelves-  Reduce clutter in the shelves and drawers, a good way to do this is to use the 1 year rule- if you haven’t used it in the last one year, you won’t be using it in the future.

·         Clear the counter- Do not stack a load of utensils on the counter, keep it clean and clear so that you can start working straight away.

·         Make it Safe- Ensure that all knives, scissors are kept safely in their designated places. Do not place any flammable items near the stove. Also, try to reduce number of pots and pans hanging overhead and store them in your newly cleared cupboards.

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