Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Six hacks to make your room look bigger

In an age where property prices are soaring, the possibility of finding a big spacious home within your budget is quite difficult. So, naturally you end up with small homes and rooms. But, don’t worry we present to you 6 hacks that are sure to help your small room look larger.

·         Paint or wallpaper your ceiling- While you are probably aware that color’s play a huge role in determining how cozy or airy your room looks, painting or wallpapering your ceiling gives more height to your room and draws the eye upwards.

·         Use hidden storage space and multipurpose items- Try and incorporate furniture that serves dual purpose like a sofa-cum-bed or a kitchen counter than doubles up as a dining table as these will help in maximum utilization of space. Use items which have storage space like trunks as coffee tables etc to reduce clutter.

·         Hang shelves near the ceiling- Get shelves made near the ceiling and display your collection of knick knacks, books etc there. These will again help in drawing eye to ceiling making the room look more spacious, you can even add shelves for storage in your bedroom reducing clutter.

·         Use mirrors and glass where possible- pacing a mirror in front of a window or behind a chest or big table to create an illusion of space and light.

·         Use varying shades of same color- try and incorporate the color you have used on your walls in your furniture as well; this creates uniformity and opens up the space. It’s not necessary to buy new furniture; you can just create accents of the same color by pillow covers and throws.

·         Get statement furniture that fills the room- Get one big statement piece of furniture that fills the room rather than scattered pieces that create clutter and serve the same need. In the same vein, opt for one big, dramatic art piece instead of a number of small pieces that cover up the whole wall.

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