Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Feng Shui for Bathroom

Traditionally in Feng Shui bathrooms are considered negative places. Part of the reason is that bathrooms generally tended to be out houses not like the beautiful spa like bathrooms common today. Other reason is that energy gets drained from pipes and drains, since Feng Shui is basically study of flow of energy, this is a negative thing. However, nowadays bathrooms are as much a style statement as a living room, and everyone tries to keep them beautiful and functional.
So here we bring you some tips for the bathroom.

Plug the Drains and Keep the Toilet Lid Closed
Plug all the drains of the shower and keep the toilet lid closed to stop the energy from draining away. You can try plastic drain covers. We understand that when you have children it is easier said than done, but everyone can be trained!

Add the Earth Element
Bathrooms have an excessive of the water element, one of the five elements of Feng Shui. To counter balance this you need to bring in the earth element, this can be done by painting the walls in shades of gold, yellows and taupe.

Hang a Crystal from the Ceiling
Crystals are considered the Feng Shui aspirin and are used whenever there is something that could potentially be out of balance in the home. Hanging a Feng Shui crystal about 9′ from the center of the ceiling will keep the chi flowing upwards rather than sucking it down into the drains.

Clear Clutter and Organize
This is perpetual theme in Feng Shui, whichever room it maybe, clear it out clutter and get it organized to promote better movement of energy. Once it is organized you can add attractive and functional things like pretty soap dispensers, tooth brush holders etc.

Freshen It Up!

Buy good quality plush towel sets and matching rugs to create an aesthetic and balanced looks for this important space.

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