Thursday, 28 July 2016

Using glass bottles for home decor

Today we bring you an interesting and inexpensive way to do up your home. Glass Bottles- very versatile and interesting piece of home décor that is cheap and reusable. Glass bottles come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, depending on the product they carry like mason jars, wine bottles etc. So, with a little creativity you can dress up these bottles to make them statement décor pieces.

Bottle Art
Paint old cold drink bottles with acrylic or even glass painting. You go wild with your choices, if you are really arty type then pick a style like warli or Madhubani and paint that way or for those who are artistically challenged there are always stencils. And if even that’s a problem, then just use the old toothbrush dipped in paint and spray it, there’s you abstract or modern art.

Fairy lights in your bottle
While fairy lights are pretty commonly used to do up homes, this is a novel idea. Cut the base of the bottle and insert or put in through the mouth of the bottle itself. You can even paint the bottle to make a more colorful setting; another idea is to paint half the bottle black and the put lights. It creates brilliant contrast and looks amazing.

Beaded with love
Use your old bead necklaces and anklets to dress up a wine bottle or even a mason jar. In case you don’t have any such necklaces, you can just buy colored bead and glue them to make interesting patterns.

Make a Terrarium
Use big sized mason jars to make beautiful terrariums, place some soil and put in some seeds for plants that don’t need too much water. Place the bottle on a window sill and just watch the magic. If you are really serious about a terrarium then you can research and find out how best to do them.

Decoupage Bottles
Decoupage, the art of sticking paper on a surface so that it looks like it’s printed is a fairly easy and inexpensive art. This is best suited for those jam and pickle bottles as they are very distinctive in shape and thus harder to convert into art. Pick up images from magazines or greeting cards or even newspaper print and glue it to the bottle with a mix of glue and water, keep applying this mixture a few times to give the effect of a printed bottle. 

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