Thursday, 25 August 2016

Remodeling your home on a budget

Remodeling your house does not need to be expensive. And you can recreate your home in a dazzling way without expensive or 'hard' resets. Just a brush stroke here and a frill there can enliven the space. Start small but think color, nature, organic. Here are eight design alterations that can help you get started.

  •  Paint the rooms in different hues to add personality to every nook and cranny. It's smart to go with blues, greens - cool colors in bedrooms to ensure a relaxed frame of mind.
  • Don't abide by rules. Play with colors and styles to create an imitation of dramatic installation. Today's design mantra is to go with the heart and break rules that you've been strait jacketed into by designers and architectural books. Let your personality shine through your home.
  • Use rugs and kilims, and wooden floorings where the original flooring is an eyesore. Wooden flooring is easy to install, relatively inexpensive and light to look at. It is not permanent and is an immediate facelift.
  • Metallic finishes on some furniture give a luster to your space. They also last longer and look elegant. Some gold accents and accessories with a combination of matte and shiny can sparkle up a room and add a royal touch.
  • Red 'pops' spell drama! The color is inherently festive and combined with a 'haldi' tinge is quintessentially Indian. Add an ottoman or a single sofa in bold red and voila, you get instant drama in your room.
  • Dramatic lighting always pushes up the design ante. Japanese and Chinese paper lanterns clustered together can become show-stoppers, and they don't cost much. Lamps, floor lighting and reflected ceiling lighting features that can be moved often freshens up the look of your home. Bring your favorite big tree into your living room and dress it up with glass lanterns.

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