Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Tips to care for your carpet this monsoon

It is essential to keep your carpets clean in the monsoon as musty and damp carpets will attract bugs and bacteria in your home. We list down some methods on how to get this done.

Vacuum away the dirt
It is very vital to keep your carpet clean and free from dampness in the monsoon. Vacuuming frequently as much as twice a week, is necessary to clean dirt, mold or any other residue from the carpet.

Use doormats and rugs
Place doormats and indoor rugs strategically to ensure that visitors do not bring their muddy shoes straight to your floor carpet from the door. This will reduce the amount of mud that your carpet is exposed to. Doormats are easier to clean and dry faster as well. Use them as an alternative to protect your carpets from dust and dirt.

Pick lightweight rugs and carpet
Heavy carpets in the monsoons are not a great idea. The heavier the carpet, the harder it is to keep it clean. For monsoons, opt for lightweight carpets, which are easy to clean fuss-free. Fabrics like cottons and jute work the best for the season. You can buy carpets specifically for monsoons and roll away your heavy carpets and rugs during the monsoon.

Dry it in the sun
In case of any accidental spillage or dampness on the rug, to get rid of foul odor and moisture, it is advisable to spread the carpet in the sun to dry.

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