Friday, 27 May 2016

Provident Sunworth- Amazing Indoors, Spectacular Outdoors

Imagine the freedom of not having to rush to work 2 hours earlier just to beat traffic and reach on time, imagine having clean air to breath and greenery to behold from your window, imagine sunlight filtering through your windows lighting up your home and now imagine that all of this is available to you right in the city. Its difficult right, you are not sure how it’s a possible to have a home in the city and not deal with all of this unless you have truckloads of money.

Well, Provident Housing the subsidiary of Purvankara Group has launched Purva Sunworth, a residential project that will make every imagination of yours a reality. Located at Mysore road near NICE junction the property offers great connectivity to Electronic City, Tumkur Road, Bannerghatta Road etc reducing your travel woes. Any time saved from travelling is a gift, and if you get to do something, anything even if it’s totally useless, but just for yourself, that’s pure bliss.

Spread over an area of 59 acres, the project has almost 75% wide open spaces and greenery, so prepare yourself to enjoy cool clean air and give some respite to your dust choked lungs. Also the apartments are designed in a manner that you get sunlight in each apartment till actual sundown, so you get loads of vitamin D and savings too.

Time is such a precious thing in today’s time that any time saved is an actual earning, apart from commute the other area where living here will save you time is the facilities available like ATM’s grocery store, car wash, crèche etc which help you a lot in dealing with most of the mundane every day stuff easily and without any stress, so you get to be happy and free, and what do you do with all this new found free time, you spend doing any number of the fun things included in the project like swimming, gymming, pampering yourself at the salon and loads of other stuff.