Tuesday, 14 June 2016

How rugs can transform your space

A well placed rug can change the look for any room, it can add warmth and comfort, it can help you define space and make it look more intimate or more spacious. Rugs anchor a space and bring all the elements together to create a more cohesive look.  Another important thing is they help you cover any imperfections on your floor.

Although its expected that you would have rugs in your living room or bedroom, rugs are quite good in dining rooms or hallways.
Here we give the four ways a rug can be used to instantly spruce up your space.

Define separate spaces- If you have an open plan apartments, you can use rugs to demarcate different spaces. In case you use different rugs in different areas, then make sure that they are of varying sizes so that the space looks bigger and more open. Also, make sure that all rugs complement each other in terms of design and style.

Change the size of a room- Rugs are one of the most effective ways to change the space of your room. A large rug in small room will make it look larger while a small one will cramp the space further. Its all about the balance, in a large room, you can add multiple smaller rugs in different colors or shapes to add a more intimate feel.

Enhance your style- Rugs have a huge impact on the rooms, so definitely consider all options before buying. Think about your overall d├ęcor and furniture, and what sort of statement you want to make before you take the final decision.  

Add texture- Rugs are made in a variety of materials- wool, cotton, jute and a number of shapes as well. So in case your room is going to experience a lot of foot traffic then use a jute or sisal rug, which is going to be sturdy. For a living room, a wool rug will give an instantly inviting look.