Monday, 1 August 2016

Bold new ideas for your home

Are you feeling bored with the décor of your home but don’t know what to change. Forget playing safe and try some bold new moves to change the look of your home.

Explore bold colours
Paint your living room in an unusual color. Charcoal, scarlet, burnt orange or even black is an option. However, make sure it is a color you are willing to live with. Don’t choose some dramatic color that becomes an eyesore to you as soon as it dries also make sure that the accessories and furnishings are restful and complement the bold colour.

Play with artwork
You don’t always have to hang artwork at eye level. Try some new arrangement with your art and see how your room comes alive. Place a large frame against the wall, set one on the end table, put up smaller pieces on the bookshelf and hang a piece you love on the back of the door.

Paint the floor
Forget a new rug. Just pain the floor. Stencil a design you like or use tape to section off areas and get creative. Paint with porch paint and top with a couple of coats of polyurethane to seal it. If this seems too dramatic, consider getting a piece of plain PVC flooring and painting that.

Bring home some fur
Fur spells glam, opt for a décor element and see the magic. You don’t have to go big things like a pouf, a runner for the sofa or a rug — can add a touch of classic Hollywood touch to the simplest of rooms.

Opt for high-gloss lacquer paint
Paint an old item like an end table or a sideboard in high gloss lacquer paint. The paint will add instant shimmer and shine and make piece sing.

Add memories to cabinets
Print out old family and other photographs on thick glossy photo paper and make collages on the cabinets in the kitchen. These add an inexpensive and nostalgic touch to your kitchen.

Redo the refrigerator

You can’t buy a new fridge every season, but you definitely can do it up. Nowadays you get a lot of material like magnets, variety of fabric and washi tape which you can use to create your own DIY accents for your fridge. The internet has thousand of ideas on how to dress up your refrigerator, from DIY fridge magnets to coverlets etc.