Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Don’t let your house be gloomy this monsoon

The monsoon is here and how. .  So everywhere it is damp, cold and gloomy. So to avoid the gloominess of the monsoon, we have the following tips for you. Read on and ramp up the look of your home.

Use sheer curtains
Since the sun is making intermittent appearances, try and get as much of it as possible in your home through sheer curtains. Heavy curtains will keep light away and make your home look dark; what’s more they collect more dust and mold. On the other hand sheer curtains let in light and are easy to maintain

Bring in nature
Many plants in your garden will be at risk of dying because of excessive water, so save them and in the process brighten up your home will lots of greenery.

Use bright colors to kill the monotony
 To reduce the dullness and darkness in your home, infuse a bit of color through cushion covers, throws, vases or artwork. Try some bold, neon shades to bring the oomph into your home.

Oil diffusers and scented candles
Get rid of the musty dank smell in your home with an array of scented candles and oil diffusers. You can try different fragrances or stick to the tried and tested lemongrass, lavender and vanilla.

 Get rugs and dhurries
As we covered in our previous post, big heavy carpets in this season are more trouble than worth. So, rather than struggling with your precious wool carpets opt for lightweight cotton and nylon rugs or dhurries in bright colors to brighten up your home.

Get musical with wind chimes
Enjoy the cold breeze with a musical note. Hang a beautiful wind chime at your window or balcony and enjoy the serene sounds.