Friday, 30 June 2017

GST Regime for Real Estate Sector

GST would bring a lot of transparency in the real estate sector and minimize unscrupulous transactions. Under the current tax laws, VAT and Service tax charged by different Contractors and excise duty, entry tax, octroi is paid on the procurements. 

GST law will increase the margin in the hands of contractor/developer by removing all the above-mentioned taxes. Now whether this benefit gets passed on to the end-consumer is unsure as pricing of real estate is driven by market forces than on costing principles.

Real estate sector enjoys a lot of benefits from facilities in SEZ and same are expected to be carried forward in GST.GST will help in filling the overwhelming gaps currently existing under the supply chain management process.
There will be many projects of developers which would require the transition from current tax laws onto GST. GST model law did not specify any provisions for the transition.

GST rate on Real Estate

Currently, the sale of land and buildings has been kept out of the ambit of GST but it is expected to be taxed within a period of a year. Construction of land and building will benefit from the rates declared for cement, bricks, and iron under GST.


Thursday, 29 June 2017

Tile and Flooring ideas for home

Accomplishing an ideal appearance for home relies upon a wide assortment of components where the themes, hues and stylistic layout are vital, what a great many people appear to overlook is tiles and flooring. Make your home lively and wonderful with the following:

Tile flooring for living rooms
Stick to ceramic flooring that is exquisite. Then again there are cover tiles that offer a lot of space to innovate, however adhering to the great outlines and tasteful arrangement serves to your objective.

Tile flooring for tasteful kitchens  
Move from the dull ceramic tiles and select swanky Linoleum and bamboo floor tiles. They are both very savvy, simple to keep up, clean and on top of these all, they offer an eco-friendly feel as well. 

Tile flooring for bedrooms 
Pick hues and shades that are calming and unwinding. Characteristic stone tiles are the most favored as they have a tendency to bring this exquisite and sumptuous feel. 

Tile flooring for washrooms 
Utilize floral designs, distinctive hued tiles for fringes, bungle designs and whatever other imaginative shape you concocted. Utilize the delicate and tender tones to give your washroom a stunning look. 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Tips to make your home monsoon ready

With the cloudy skies and thundering overhead, you realize that monsoon is around. Life turns into about changing in accordance with the sudden and consistent clamminess all around. By following a few simple steps; you can keep your home smart and monsoon-ready.

•Check for spillages 

•Check for cracks along the dividers, roof, cracked pipes and taps that never quit trickling. Furthermore, get them sorted before the beginning of the monsoon. 

•Unclog the channels 

•It is insightful to look out for the seepage framework. Ensure you unclog and clean the drains. This keeps away foul scent as well as keeps creepy crawlies from rearing and spreading infections. 

•Change bedding at least once at regular intervals 

•In the monsoon, there's no space to dry those colossal bed sheets, however the dampness in air alongside soil would damage and stain them forever. It is shrewd to have them cleaned occasionally amid rainstorm to prevent them from getting ruined. 

•De-contaminator an absolute necessity 

•It's fair time for the irritating cockroaches, parasites and bugs that appear to be wherever you turn amid the downpours. Keep such hazards under control with disinfectants. Keep floors as dry as could be allowed. 

•Look after your books 

•Keep the book racks or almirahs firmly closed. Naphthalene balls are incredible to keep away both foul scent and in addition bugs that devour your most loved pages. Make a point to air the books once the rain stops. 

•Remember these straightforward yet valuable tips and keep the rainstorm blues far from your comfortable homes! 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Vaastu Tips to bring prosperity in your home

Our home is the place for comfort and great recollections. Through following some easy vaastu guidance, we can spare it from the negative energies encompassing us.
  • Light lights and incense at home every day. This goes about as a purifier, dispelling the pessimism or any hostile stare.
  • Assemble your kitchen in the south-east corner of the house. If impractical at that point, the north-west corner is the second best alternative.
  • To disperse negative vitality, put a lemon in a glass of water. This water should be changed each Saturday.
  • Secure your kitchen against all disasters. This is on account of a kitchen demonstrates well being and joy.
  • Reciting mantras likewise quiets the psyche. An unmistakable personality can help do ponders. Furthermore, they are known to implant inspiration and great vitality in the environment.
  • There ought not to be any mirrors in the room. On the off chance that you as of now have a dressing table or a closet reflect, you have to cover it with a shade while dozing.
  • In the idle corners of the house, put sacred Ganga jal. This needs to change each week by week. Setting sacred water helps the inflow of positive vitality.
  • Swastika is the image for riches and success. It is propitious to utilize Swastika images in house.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Lord Krishna Crest

Welcome to Lord Krishna Crest. A wonderful living address with 1/2/3 BHK homes where urban lifestyle begins through a lush green space inspiring you to wake up every day with verve and delight. 
Bring you and your loved ones to a blessed environment of Mother Nature. Experience a secure lifestyle with beautiful water bodies, flower filled meadows, reflexology path and lots more.


•Located at Subhash Road, Dehradun
•10 min from Railway Station
•15 min from Airport
•10 min from Doon Valley and S.K. Memorial Hospitals

Monday, 12 June 2017

Transform your balcony

Little spaces don't have to hold back on style and we have a pack of incredible thoughts to enable you to transform your patio into a ravishing (yet practical) garden. 

Hanging pots are not just beautiful to take a gander at; they're an incredible space saver and a simple approach to refresh your patio stylistic layout. Load with tumbling foliage or beautiful blossoms for a significantly more pleasant open air space. 

Space sparing widgets
Current development and smart outline imply that even the most utilitarian hardware - like your clothesline - can be pared down and concealed. 

Break out the tool compartment, paint and brushes and whip yourself up a hard-wearing, attractive open air setting from repurposed beds. 

Include veggie fix
Change your gallery into a flourishing greenhouse. Add a veggie fix to your little space and you'll adore it in a matter of moments.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Ideas to give your home a cool feeling

Spruce up your home with cool ideas to add elegance to your habitat. The following tips will help you transform your home into a contemporary living space.

•Try old metal pots inside rooms, these instantly spell the warehouse vibe to a corner or room at your home.

•Mood based lighting is the swank for homes. Many companies have launched lamps that change color on demand, while there are others which offer you bulbs which change color through an app on your phone.

•Get a vintage ceramic or metal pitcher for your bar. Add a metal jug or a decorative vase and put some flowers.

•Home automation helps in automatic and electronic control of household features, in-home activity and appliances. It’s an integrated technology and can then be controlled from far-off.

•A few rustic metal stools, with a weathered look can appear quite stylish. Also old worn out trunks or dressers work really well, you can even use you basic wooden center table and sandpaper it to get the weathered look

•A contemporary sound system like speakers in living room, bedroom and having the one in your showers add to √©lan to your home. They can be easily paired to your phone or tablet to play music.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Aims Golf Avenue 2

Welcome to Aims Golf Avenue 2. Elegant homes with 2-3 BHK apartments are designed with over 80% lush green surroundings and essential lifestyle amenities. Don’t just book; but move immediately into the cozy Aims Golf Avenue 2. The ready-to-move-in project is designed with 6 towers of 16 floors each housing 700 units of 2-3 BHK homes. Spread across 5 acres with over 80% lush green ambiance.


  • 10 minutes drive from Noida City Centre Metro Station
  • 10 minutes drive from Botanical Garden Metro Station
  • 10 minutes drive from Prayag Hospital & Research Centre
  • 10 minutes drive from Nilgiri Hills Public School
  • In close proximity to banks, fine dining restaurants and other residential  complexes