Thursday, 6 August 2015

10 Things to check before the Monsoon hit your home!

Monsoon season brings pleasant weather but it can also bring a series of problem if your home is not ready to handle the hardness of weather.
Here is a 10 point checklist to make sure that you would not have to worry about the problems when the rain hits your home

  1. Have you checked for leaks in roofs & walls?
    Check your roof and terrace floors to see if there is any leakage and fix it before the rain. Replace loose or missing tiles to prevent roof leaks.

  2. Have you installed ventilators?
    Install ventilators in humid areas of the house to avoid dampness which cause harm to the health of inhabitants and the contents of the house.

  3. Have you checked the electrical fittings?
    Check if the electrical switches are exposed to the rains. Cover them immediately to stop penetration of the rainwater and fix water seepage in electrical room/generator room to avoid electric shock.

  4. Have you checked if there are termites?
    Termite infestation is a major problem where water leakage or high humidity exists. As the rain water creates moisture, check all damp places to find out termite invasion in the house.

  5. Do you clean your rugs & carpets regularly?
    Vacuum carpets regularly as they get damp and create musty smell during rainy season. The rugs should be rolled up and wrapped in polythene sheet during rainy season to protect them from water and insect infestation. 

  6. How do you protect your wooden cupboards?
    Place Neem leaves in cupboards since it protects clothes and furniture from silver fish and sprinkles a few cloves among clothes to keep insects at bay. 

  7. Have you checked if your wooden floors are wet?
    Rainwater spoils the shape and quality of wood articles in the house. Check all wooden items and wood floors if they are properly waxed (polished) to protect them from moisture.

  8. Have you cleaned the rain gutters?
    Ensure rain gutter are clean to protect foundations, basements and roof from water damage before the beginning of rainy season.

  9. How often do you clean your house?
    Regular house cleaning can protect your home moisture content in the air. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers are good options to reduce humidity levels inside your home. 

  10. Are you renovating your house now?
    It is better to do renovation work like painting walls. Waterproofing etc. before or after the monsoon. If you find any problem during rainy season, get professional help to fix it.