Thursday, 29 October 2015

Five Fantastic Ways to Save Money On Your Home Loan

When you go into terms with your lender it is a long term commitment that you are going into. One should be well versed and informed about both the sides of the coin, as the key to a stress free loan term is making timely repayments. 

If you have already planned your finances in a way that you would be comfortable paying your monthly payments, then time should not haunt you. Below mentioned are some great ways that would help you purchase your own dream home as well as make sure that you have stress free loan tenure. 

  • Keep A Close Eye Your CIBIL Score And CIBIL Report:

Once you start planning of buying a home for yourself, you should start keeping a close check of CIBIL Score and CIBIL Report as they play a major role in any kind of loan processing. A satisfactory score and if you have not availed any new loan or credit in past six months, ahead of applying for a home loan. 

Do make sure that all the other details in your CIBIL report are correct, so that your loan application doesn’t get stuck on account of your CIBIL score. Once you get are able to put your CIBIL together if your score goes above 750, this mean you can now go about loan shopping. 

  •  Do Your Research:

This is a chance for you to get to know the ground realty and helps you gather as much knowledge as possible, which would eventually help you frame a broader picture. Once you get into doing research work all by yourself you can calculate it yourself the best home loan that there is available for you. 

With the festive season having commenced, it will not be unusual for banks to entice prospective customers with teaser rates that may lure in to leap in, but do look before you leap.

  • Negotiation is a Powerful Tool For You: 

When your Loan Application gets approved on the basis of your File, CIBIL Score you would be assigned a loan officer who will be the point of contact for you till your loan is approved and get your cheque or the amount transferred into the bank account. 

While your Loan Officer would try to prove his point, but if you have done your research you would not be fooled, make sure you have availed of every professional benefit you are eligible to avail of and get as many charges waived off as possible. A high CIBIL score gives you the power to negotiate, so make sure you make optimum use of the same. 

  • Pay As Much As You Can As Down Payment: 

It is very important part of having a stress free loan tenure, if you pay maximum amount of Down Payment it would eventually help you. As the interest you would be charged would be on a much less principal amount, that would not only help you reduce the span of your loan tenure but also reduce the total amount that you would repay to your lender. 

Try making as much as you can in form of down payment, even if it means stretching yourself beyond your means. 

  • Pay The Same EMI Despite A Falling Interest Rate: 

With the Reserve Bank Of India surprisingly slashing the rate cut in past few days means that now even the banks would have to reduce their rate of interest as well. If you are on a floating rate of interest, it obviously means that your EMIs will be smaller and your monthly outgo will be lesser, mean while the temptation to make lower payments can indeed be attractive but it is definitely not the best option to avail for.

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