Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Looking for a home loan? Here is how to zero in on the correct lender

Now that you have decided on your dream home that fits your budget, it’s time to start thinking of the financial aspects, specifically identifying the lender who will provide the loan for the purchase. Eligibility criteria, interest rate, processing fee and other factors will are the key to determine your lender.

Loan amount and eligibility
The amount of loan you are expected to get depends on your monthly income and the value of the property. Usually, the loan amount is 80-85% of the property value. However, it could be more in some cases. The RBI, through a notification last year, allowed a loan-to-value ratio (LTV) of up to 90% for home loans worth Rs 30 lakh or less. Whether you get a home loan at all or not depends on your occupation, disposable income and number of dependents.

Interest rate
The rate of interest on the loan is one of the major factors in determining the amount of loan to be taken. Research about interest rates on offer and select the most competitive one. You also need to determine if the rates are fixed or floating. While for short term loans fixed rates are better, it makes more sense to opt for floating for long term loans.

Processing charges and prepayment
The processing fee is the charge banks deduct for processing the loan. This can range anywhere from 0.25%-2% of the loan amount. The lenders will also set terms and conditions pertaining to prepayment. Like settlement and foreclosing the outstanding amount, transferring the balance to another lender's account, prepaying a part of or the full amount of the home loan, and other things.

Responsiveness to change in rates
The chances of getting a fair deal are higher with lenders who cut their interest rates as per cut in the repo rate.

Turnaround time

The time taken to sanction and pay out home loan differs for every bank. Make sure to select a lender with strong systems and great after-sales service. 

Saturday, 28 May 2016

How to Protect Your Garden This Summer

With the temperature hitting 48 degrees it’s not just who are wilting in the sweltering heat but the plants too. In the rising temperature gardening enthusiasts have arrived at ways to keep their garden blooming. Here we share some of the tips just for you.
  • Measure your Watering Session-While there is a norm to water your garden thrice a day in summers, it makes more sense to water your plants well in the evening, this ensures that they have enough water to last them till the next morning, if the soil is moist then you just need to sprinkle the water.
  • Keep the Plants healthy- while watering is essential, keeping plants healthy is also equally important. Cover the top layer of the soil with decaying leaves and mulch, bark and compost which provide extra fertilizers for the soil enhancing growth and also help retain the moisture during daytime. Additionally, covering the soil with small pebbles can protect the plants from losing moisture.
  • Add a splash of color-If your garden is looking tired and wilted then make sure to add plants that bloom in summer, giving some color and life to your garden. Shrub roses, adeniums and desert roses are excellent picks for the summer season which gives a dull garden a new lease of life.
  • Green shades and Regular trimming- Cover your plants in green shades and give them trimming weekly; this allows you to avoid drying and helps in the healthy growth. Covering the plants in sweltering afternoons helps them to stay fresh. Remove covers in the early morning and evening sun to allow them to get adequate sunlight and fresh air.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Provident Sunworth- Amazing Indoors, Spectacular Outdoors

Imagine the freedom of not having to rush to work 2 hours earlier just to beat traffic and reach on time, imagine having clean air to breath and greenery to behold from your window, imagine sunlight filtering through your windows lighting up your home and now imagine that all of this is available to you right in the city. Its difficult right, you are not sure how it’s a possible to have a home in the city and not deal with all of this unless you have truckloads of money.

Well, Provident Housing the subsidiary of Purvankara Group has launched Purva Sunworth, a residential project that will make every imagination of yours a reality. Located at Mysore road near NICE junction the property offers great connectivity to Electronic City, Tumkur Road, Bannerghatta Road etc reducing your travel woes. Any time saved from travelling is a gift, and if you get to do something, anything even if it’s totally useless, but just for yourself, that’s pure bliss.

Spread over an area of 59 acres, the project has almost 75% wide open spaces and greenery, so prepare yourself to enjoy cool clean air and give some respite to your dust choked lungs. Also the apartments are designed in a manner that you get sunlight in each apartment till actual sundown, so you get loads of vitamin D and savings too.

Time is such a precious thing in today’s time that any time saved is an actual earning, apart from commute the other area where living here will save you time is the facilities available like ATM’s grocery store, car wash, crèche etc which help you a lot in dealing with most of the mundane every day stuff easily and without any stress, so you get to be happy and free, and what do you do with all this new found free time, you spend doing any number of the fun things included in the project like swimming, gymming, pampering yourself at the salon and loads of other stuff.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Lodha Luxuria Priva- Reside in True Luxury

Lodha Luxuria Priva is an epitome of lavish living, planned and designed to cater to the jet setting elite the complex is a one of a kind project. Offering beautifully designed 2BHK and 3BHK apartments housed in 29 storey towers, the project is located at Thane West, a bustling hub of Mumbai. The location of the project is very good as it is surrounded by a fantastic network of roads like Eastern Highway, National Highway -4, National Highway – 3, etc.

Comprising of beautiful 3 and 2 bedroom luxury apartments, the complex also boasts of an al fresco restaurant and landscaped gardens. The apartments have been designed with a contemporary and spacious design to freedom and movement.  Due to the well thought out design, the apartments have plenty of ventilation and sunlight, a rare occurrence in a city like Mumbai. All the homes are equipped with the most modern amenities like air conditioners, Italian marble flooring, private elevators etc. Also on offer are vast storage spaces, sun decks and a separate puja room.

The complex has huge clubhouse, party cabana and starlit pavilion along with yoga garden, reflexology path etc to allow you to have a relaxing and leisurely time. However, these are not the only features that make Lodha Luxuria Priva spectacular, the builders have included many facilities that are unique and lavish allowing you to experience a lifestyle fit for royalty. The complex has a fleet of BMW’s for transport of residents, apart from that there are dance lessons to be had from the renowned Sandip Soparrkar Ballroom Studio. If dance isn’t your cup of tea, then you can learn guitar, violin or drums at the Furtados School of Music. However, if its fitness that gets you happy then the project has a gym by the legendary heavy weight champion Evander Hollyfield or Ramona Braganza.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Reduce Cost to Build–Tips to Save Money on Construction

Building a home is a mammoth task, there are a million questions and doubts, the plot, material, design, labor and underlying all these concerns is the cost. After all no one wants to pay more than necessary to build their home, so here we have a few tips to keep your construction budget within reason, without compromising on your dream home.
  • Purchase a large plot with a friend or family member that can be divided into two smaller plots. Some of the most attractive properties may be much bigger than what you require or can afford, yet the seller may not be willing to divide a large plot. So if you can share the cost with someone else you may be able to pick up a great building site for a reasonable price.
  • Try and buy a plot that is near to a road or main area that will help in sourcing raw material easily and the transportation cost will also not be too high.
  • Purchase low-maintenance building materials like fly ash bricks, vinyl flooring and metal roofing, for example. Even if they are fairly more expensive at installation, they will break even in the long term as you won't be required to repair, replace, or repaint.
  • While supervising yourself may seem like a good option, it is advisable to hire a contractor. The experience of a well-qualified contractor is priceless to the construction process. Additionally they have established relationships with suppliers and subcontractors that would prove to be very useful.
  • Try to gather supplies like broken pieces of stones or bricks for the top portion of your house from demolition locations as it will save a lot of cost.
  • Try to maintain the depth of your at around 32 feet or less, this will save the requirement of specially designed roofs.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Want to Go Green? We Tell You How. .

Go green seems to be the mantra these days and rightly so. With the evidence of global warming in ever shortening winters and never ending summers right in front of us, it is time that we individually start looking for ways to minimize our carbon footprint and create a more a environment friendly atmosphere.
Due to the concern towards environment becoming a global phenomenon, it is relatively easier to adopt eco friendly living. There are a lot of ways to make your home green from construction to design to décor you can adopt a number of green methods. While, this might seem expensive and tiresome the truth is that the expense today will result in savings for a long time and in many cases the methods are cheaper than traditional practices. SO without further ado we present to you a list of things that make your home green.

  • Green Construction- Use fly ash brick, or autoclaved aerated concrete for construction, particle boards for flooring and insulite for roofing these are eco-friendly reduce costs over time. Install skylights where possible to allow natural light into your home reducing energy consumption.
  • Bamboo is better- Try Bamboo flooring instead of traditional hardwood as Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth; it is also very sturdy and durable.
  • Replace bulbs with CFL’s- You can save 66% of energy by replacing incandescent bulbs with CFL’s and you save almost 200 Kg’s of greenhouse gases.
  • Keep your Fridge in shade- Placed directly in front of sunlight makes your refrigerator work harder to keep cool. Move your fridge to the shade to make it work optimally.
  • Get low flow faucets and flushes and low energy appliances- low flow faucets and flushes reduce more than 30% wastage of water, low energy appliances or ‘Star-Rated’ appliances use 10-15% less electricity.
  • Use microwave and energy efficient cookware- Microwave’s use 50% less energy than ovens, using energy efficient utensils like silicone, ceramic and glass reduce cooking temperature required.
  • Recyle, Reuse- Recycle and reuse or upcyle old plastic bottles, glass bulbs, tires to make decorative items, furniture and accessories.
  • Keep homes scented naturally- Use essential oils or natural potpourri instead of aerosol room sprays to freshen up your home.

So there it is a few ways to a greener home. However, these are not the only things you can do with a bit of conscious effort you can find many other ways to make your home energy efficient.  

Monday, 23 May 2016

Color Me Happy

Red in passion, green with envy, blue with gloom, blushing in pink, white with fear, black with anger. There is a color for every mood so no wonder that color therapy as a science would find takers.

Color therapy, a sort of alternative medicine that is low on risk and high results, based on the chakras found in our body color therapy advocates usage of colors to help you lead happier and relaxed life. Colors affect us deeply, and its effects are remarkably obvious. Applying carefully planned and considered principles of Color Therapy on your office or your home will benefit you in the long term.

The first step in incorporating color therapy to your life is to analyze the space you are in, what color it is? How you or your family behave in that area? Do you like the color of that room or would like to change it? If so, then to what color? Once you find answers to these questions, you can start by thinking what effect do you want to bring about in that particular room and which color will help you achieve that. For e.g red, yellow, orange are colors that help you stimulate appetite, aid digestion and create a warm sociable environment, so either of these colors can be used in the dining room. Yellows works really well with areas where you would be writing, thinking reading etc as it promotes productivity and stimulates the mind, yellow also works at entryways and living rooms, however keep in mind that too much yellow maybe induce hyperactivity. So, to counterbalance it you can include a little blue in the room.

Blue brings peace and tranquility, a little too much though and you are looking to tiredness and gloom. Green is a color that is great everywhere, use a splash of it in every room, you don’t need to splurge on painting everything green, just get a bunch of plants and you are done.

Color therapy is a great way to enhance your life; however it is not necessary that you paint every room in a different hue. You can include accessories, cushion covers, curtains, paintings etc in the color of your choice to bring the same benefits. 

Friday, 20 May 2016

Gaur Sports Wood- A Blissful, Healthy Lifestyle Awaits

Gaur Sports Wood in Noida, a township that is going to provide you with a lifestyle that is unique and plush at the same time. The architecture of the project is contemporary and chic, inspired by international living spaces. Comprising of 3BHK and 4BHK luxurious apartments, the project is a statement in style and lavishness. Also, the location of the project is very advantageous as it is close FNG- Faridabad -Noida -Ghaziabad corridor and NH – 24; it is at a distance of 4 minutes from proposed Golf course. Whereas, FNG- Faridabad -Noida -Ghaziabad corridor and NH – 24 are located in close proximity of the project
Gaur Group has achieved a great name in the real estate on the back of their previous successful projects like Gaur City 1 and Gaur Saundaryam. They have always emphasized on building homes that are stylish and spacious at the same time without comprising on quality or engineering. Additionally the group has always tried to incorporate a variety of amenities in their projects to allow residents a happy stress free and joyful life. Following on the same principles Gaur Sports Wood has been built as an ultra premium residential project with spacious and well designed living spaces and a host of facilities.

The project is a gold rated green building that has many environment friendly initiatives incorporated like reflective glass used to ensure better heat absorption and to allow natural light to come in thereby reducing the energy consumption, along with rain water harvesting. The project also has a landscaped garden and overlooks a 35 meter wide green belt, so there is greenery wherever residents choose to look. The project also has variety of other facilities to keep the residents here entertained, relaxed and healthy. In keeping with their name the project has a plethora of sporting facilities like jogging track, swimming pool, tennis court, cricket pitch, badminton court, basketball hoop and a well maintained golf course right next door.  

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Capital Gains Tax on Sale of Property

Selling a house is long and tedious and the fact that you have to pay taxes on the money you make is adding insult to injury. But try as we might we have to go through the rigmarole of paying taxes on profits earned after selling of property.

The profits after selling of property are called Capital Gains; Capital Gains are of two types
  1. Short Term Capital Gains- If you sell your property within three years of buying it, the profits are short terms capital gains.
  2. Long Term Capital Gains- Any property sold after three years of acquiring it earns you long term capital gains.

You will be taxed on the profit (capital gains) you make – which is the amount that you earn after subtracting cost of buying (and repairing / improving) the property from the sale value.
The Income Tax Act allows you a few exemptions under the section 54 under the following conditions.
  •  The profits (capital gains) are used to purchase/construct a new house.
  •   The new house is bought one year prior or two years post the sale of the old house.
  • The new house is constructed within three years of the sale of the old house.
  • Only one house is purchased or constructed.
  • The new house is not sold within three years of possession.
  • If the new house costs less than the sale proceeds, then the exemption applies in proportion. The remaining money is to be reinvested under 54EC within 6 months.

Capital Gains Account Scheme
If construction of a house immediately following the sale of the old one is not possible, then you can invest the capital gains in a public sector bank under the CGAS, the scheme has a three year lock-in period within which you are bound to start construction on your property, otherwise you would be taxed at the long term capital gains tax rate. There are two types of accounts under the scheme.

Another option is to invest in bonds from the Rural Electrification Corporation or the National Highways Authority of India. These bonds also have a lock-in period of three years during which any transfer or loan against them will be taxed as capital gains tax, additionally the bonds have a maximum cap of Rs 50 lac as investment. 

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Affordable Property Markets in India

Making money is all about taking the right chance at the right time, investing in property is fraught with huge risks as the capital involved is significant. Infrastructural development and commercial growth spell good returns on property. Here we list down some cities that offer a wide range of investable options at relatively lower price points while giving great opportunity for capital appreciation and health returns in future.

  •          Hyderabad-With its thriving IT/ITeS industry, booming economy real estate is picking up in Hyderabad, the city is one of the most affordable in the country witnessed stable land prices due to political upheavals. However, with stability in politics and governance Hyderabad is sure to see an upswing.

  •          Pune- The relatively lesser known neighbor of Mumbai, Pune is a powerhouse of economic development with its manufacturing and services industry. The city has seen a continuous appreciation in real estate prices. Additionally, with well developed infrastructure and safe environment it is considered one of the best cities to live in.

  •          Kochi-Kochi is on the way to becoming a metropolis, with focus on infrastructural development and impetus on growth of IT/ITeS industry  the real estate sector in Kochi is seeing significant growth. Many affordable housing projects have been started in Kochi and are seeing rising demand from the mid-income groups.

  •          Ahmedabad- Ahmedabad is a leading example of fast-paced and planned development. Rapid infrastructural development in the shape of bullet trains, smart cities, a stable government and huge investments have ensure that Ahmedabad is a hub for real estate investment and development.

  •          Ghaziabad- Once the black sheep of the NCR suburbs, Ghaziabad has come a long way on the development ladder. Well connected to Delhi via the metro and highways, Ghaziabad has become the go to destination for property developers. With the widening of the MH-24 and extension of the metro line, Ghaziabad is sure to see further growth.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Tricks to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

As May is advancing, sweltering, scorching, soul-sucking heat is here and as far as summers in India go we are looking at a summer that is going to be relentless for the next 6 month. So, in heat such as this your air conditioner is like your door to heaven, however if you want save some money and keep cool, here are a few things you can do.

Go Green - Create a terrace garden, our roofs radiate heat making the whole house into an oven.  A roof garden ensures that the soil absorbs heat and the roof remains cool, consequently making the whole house cool.

Close the blinds - Seems too simple, however 30% of unwanted heat in our homes comes from open windows. Using shades and blinds can reduce indoor temperature by almost as much as 20 degrees.

DIY AC - Now this a hack that you can use occasionally, especially during power cuts where your inverter is just able to power your fan. Fill a shallow bowl with ice, position it at an angle in front of a large fan, the breeze picks up the cold water melting off the ice.

Unplug at Night - Unplug electronic devices that are not required at night as they all give off heat even while being switched off.

Go for light fabrics - instead of heavy silks, stuffy satins opt for cotton, chiffons and georgettes for bed sheets, curtains, pillow covers etc. These fabrics are breathable and light and allow you to feel more comfortable and airy. Additionally, changing upholstery and curtains give an instant revamp to your room.

Turn on exhaust fans - whether they are in your bathrooms or kitchens, exhaust fans throw out stale air. Keep them on to throw out warm, muggy air out of your home.

While these are a few tips to keep your home cool during this summer, we also advise you to keep your cool too. Drink lots of fluids, wear cotton, use ice packs and cold water bottles to feel chilled at night.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Feng Shui to Boost Your Luck

Feng Shui literally means wind and water. The art of feng shui dictates the flow and balance of energies in any space to ensure good fortune and wealth for the people living in it. The whole concept of Feng Shui is based on five elements and they are - fire, metal, earth, water and wood.

Feng Shui has made inroads into home design and décor in the past few years. Indian architects, realty developers and interior designers are using a mix of Vaastu and Feng Shui to create better living spaces.
So we have compiled a list below of some tips that you can follow to keep the Chi flowing in your home.

Loads of plants - Thriving plants symbolize growth and prosperity. Placing a healthy plant in the far left corner with three shiny coins beneath the pot boost your financial fortunes.

Vertical is the way to go - tall, columnar shapes draw energy upwards. Placing tall artwork, bookshelves help in improving your luck. You can even try displaying paintings at higher than eye level.

Knock on Wood for Luck - Wood attracts good fortune, because it is a sign of nature’s growth potential. So bamboo shades, blinds, wicker chairs or any other ornamental artifacts made of wood are good.

Fountain of Good Fortune - Fountains are famous Feng Shui tools. Placing a fountain at the entrance of your home is supposed to be very good for your career.

Go Fish - Having an aquarium with goldfish at the entrance, far left corner or centre left portion of your home brings you immense happiness and well-being.
The Path for Luck-Having a well-illuminated entrance helps luck in finding you, so install a bright lamp and make sure it works.

Flower Power - Sunflowers and pink daisies help in relationships, place a bunch of them in the northwest corner of your home.

So there you go, try these tips and invite lady luck into your home and life.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Why Location Matters in Real Estate

Since more than a century, real estate agents have maintained that the three most important things for a property are Location, Location, and Location. And the fact is, the rule holds water even today and would probably do so for a long time to come.

First things first your home is most probably a long time investment, and if the location of your home is good then that’s a great long-term investment.
You can buy a bad house at a great location and fix it up for a great return on your investment; however you can’t buy a great house at a bad location and get a good deal. 

Then what makes a great location? Well, below are few of the pointers we think will ensure that you buy a home at a good location.

Safe Neighborhood - Safety is a big concern for everyone, especially in major metros like Delhi-NCR. People are willing to pay a little extra just to be sure that area is safe and that do not have to be worried about crime.

Good Schools - While you may not have school going kids or may not be planning to, it’s always better to buy a home around a good school district, the bottom line is you have to think like a future seller and generally buyers today are young families looking for good school areas around their home.

Access to public transport or highways – In cities like Delhi or Mumbai, the farther you live from public transport like buses, metros, the lesser the value of your home. Even if a car drive is inevitable, easy access to arterial roads and highways makes for a good location.

Access to popular places, restaurants, shops – Access to commercial hubs and shopping destinations adds to the appeal of the home.

Supply of water and electricity - This is something that is specifically true for our cities, access to clean water and short power cuts add a lot of value to homes. In our country most metros suffer from shortage of water and regular power cuts, so any area where these things are not a hug problem automatically climb up in the good location ladder.

While these are general guidelines, a good location also depends on the specific community or your own interests and requirement. So keep in mind all these things while buying a home, as the most important thing is the home should be a right fit for you.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Alphathum- The Best Destination for Your Business

One of the biggest factors while buying commercial property is the location, while residential property owners also look for good location they can still deal with a far flung area because it just means a little bit of extra travel in their case, however for a commercial property owner location is of prime concern because the future of his business depends on it. A great location ensures that raw material supply and logistics are easier to deal with, there is a constant availability of human resources and most importantly the there is a market which will generate demand today and in future.

Alphathum by Bhutani Infra is a commercial property that offers you a bang for your buck in terms of location, located at sector 90 Noida the project is quite near to Noida Expressway and Dadri road. The area is easily accessible by many neighboring sectors like 137, 85, 141, 138 etc. Along with this, the major locational advantage of the project is the upcoming metro station at sector-137 and the FNG Expressway at sector-141.

Alphathum in Noida is a unique and one of a kind commercial project, it offers a perfect platform for both startups and conglomerates to establish their business and achieve success. In a bid to offer its customers an international platform, Alphathum has Asia, Europe, Africa and America desk that provide real time expert information about these markets. The project is an ideal setup for startups in the fact that it gives them a host of facilities like personal furnished cabins, large suites equipped with workstations, common meeting rooms, conference facilities, business lounge, Event plaza/Expo center and telecommunication network that help them build a great image in the minds of their clients.

Apart from these the project is also unique because they have used a number of natural energy sources to reduce usage and dependence of fossil fuels. Also, a lot of measures have been taken to ensure energy efficiency.

In a effort similar to the Marina Bay in Singapore, the project has a rooftop infinity pool that bridges across the three towers and is the biggest pool in the world at the level.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Organic Liftopia- Luxury in the lap of Nature

Being eco-friendly is concept most of us are aware of, in fact most of us are trying to incorporate the concept into our daily life. Being eco-friendly or nature friendly has gained such momentum that authorities and the state have started initiatives to help us become more green, this is simply due to the fact that in our bid to grow we have ignored nature for too long and now it’s time care if we want our future generations to sustain.

In a scenario like this, it’s no wonder then that our homes are also becoming eco friendly. In a bid to ensure eco friendly existence, Rise group has launched their latest project Organic Liftopia in their series of Organic homes. Organic housing is meant to be an area that is adapted to the natural habitat of man so as to ensure harmony with nature.

Each tower is designed in the form of bean instead of a traditional rectangular form so that sunlight is received at all times from all angles, also windows and doors are designed in a manner to ensure maximum ventilation and natural light. The structure also helps because the aerodynamic structure ensures that wind flow does not put pressure on the building and cause damage.  Apart from the complex has optimum light usage to reduce electricity consumption, water recycling and reuse and low flow fixtures to optimize use of water as well.

While the company has paid attention to the eco friendliness of this venture, they have also made sure that residents enjoy living here, comprising of 4BHK apartments with their own private lifts the apartments here are an epitome of luxury and grace. The builder has provided a variety of facilities including a roof top infinity pool, restaurant, terrace garden, shopping street, jogging track and even a maze. 

Monday, 9 May 2016

Opulence Unmatched at Artha One World


In the emerging times of double incomes and high salaries a new class of Indians are emerging, these are the closet customers. The ones who have spent most of their formative years with a middle class upbringing and who now with resources in hand need a value proposition that convinces them to part with their hard earned money. However, at the same time there are also those who believe that if you have it then you should flaunt it.

In a bid to satisfy both of these customers, Artha group of builders have launched their latest project Artha One World at Kelambakkam, these villas are designed as ultra luxurious living spaces designed to give an ultimate life experience to the residents. The builder has combined the experience of world renowned engineers, architects and interior designers to ensure that the villas at One World are a thing of beauty, functionality, being a prized possession for the owners, something which really is worth showing off to all.

The complex is made up of 3 BHK and 4 BHK villas that boast of host of other extra facilities like personal pools, step out decks, balconies that make living here a joy. Keeping the clientele in mind, the builder has ensured that the building materials, furnishings and fittings used are of premium quality and ensure supreme functionality with unbeatable appeal. Because nowadays homes are not just meant for the satisfaction of the ones living there but to also cater to the huge social life of the owners

The villas are surrounded by 5 acres of landscaped gardens and have a host of other amenities designed to satisfy toughest of the customers. The complex has a gymnasium, swimming pool and a jogging track for the fitness buff and a party lawn, clubhouse and restaurant & cafe for the looking to enjoy themselves

So if luxury and opulence is what you are looking for then you have come to the right place. 

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Purva Swanlake - Where Beauty and Convenience Meet

Imagine sitting and enjoying a beautiful sunset over a lake. That seems like a perfect holiday doesn’t it? Now, if I were to tell you that you would be able to do this every day at your own, you would probably not believe me. However, it’s true, Purvankara Group has launched their latest residential project Purva Swanlake at Kelambakkam overlooking the Muttukadu Lake, giving residents an opportunity to enjoy the views from their own balconies.

Purva Swanlake is beautiful gated community of 3BHK and 4 BHK homes that are designed to be trendy and spacious and give the residents an amazing lifestyle. The Sky Condos at the project are meant give you an amazing bird’s eye view of the city while being away from the noise and pollution. The project offers a host of facilities to residents so that they can enjoy their life to the fullest right in the comfort of their home. There are facilities like squash court, tennis court, billiards, table tennis, basket ball& jogging track, meditation/aerobic room,  steam, sauna, Jacuzzi and swimming pool that cater to the mental, recreational and health needs of the residents to the fullest.
Another reason why investing in Purva Swanlake is great idea is the location. Kelambakkam is one of the swiftly growing suburbs of Chennai; the locality enjoys the distinction of being an important junction of Chennai connecting the two main road networks of GST and ECR. Another feather in the cap of this area is that it is home to one of the biggest IT parks in Asia with many IT firms making it their home, this means that for people working in such companies Kelambakkam is a great opportunity as it means that they get access to good housing options close to work. So, investing here for either residential or rental purposes is a great idea.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Casa Grande Vivant- Live The Good Life

Casa Grande as a brand has gained immense reputation as a high quality realty developer. Based on their innovation and creativity ranging from their design, to their construction quality and location each project from Casa Grande makes an impression. To carry their legacy forward they have now launched their latest project Casa Grande Vivant that has been built around the concept of high quality apartments that are contemporary and stylish. The project has been planned and constructed to match international standards. Casa Grande Vivant is all set to be the epitome of quality, trust and excellent workmanship blending together seamlessly to offer world class living spaces.

Casa Grande Vivant is a perfect example of a tranquil oasis with high end amenities and features that is strategically located at the one of the bustling hubs of Chennai at Kolapakkam, offering unmatched ease. Every home at Vivant is a beautiful and spacious retreat, full of possibilities and opulence created using the best technology and materials to give the residents a supreme lifestyle.

The complex is made up of 1 tower with 72 units of 2BHK and 3 BHK apartments with a wide variety of choices in terms of sizes in both 2BHK and 3BHK segments catering to a wide range of customers based on their preferences and budget. All the apartments will have high quality furnishings and fittings including vitrified tile flooring, provision from chimneys in the kitchen, glazed ceramic tiles in the bathrooms etc which are sure to give both functionality and appeal to the entire home.

The project also has a multitude of facilities that are sure to make all residents happy. Living in an urban environment most of us want things at our doorstep and Casa Grande Vivant strives to provide you just that. So there is 24/7 power and water, sewage treatment and rain water harvesting and fire fighting system in place to ensure convenience and safety to residents. Apart from these the project has a clubhouse, a gym, landscaped garden, swimming pool, children’s play area etc that are sure to delight residents. 

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Radius Central Park- Close To Everything You Desire

Owning a home in Mumbai seems like an almost impossible proposition for most people. The property prices in Mumbai have to be seen to be believed, competing for the number one position in the world in terms of escalating property rates, however in such a market there are still a few developers offering well constructed beautiful homes at prices that will not burn a hole in the common mans pocket.

Radius Central Park by Radius Developers is one such property, located at Chembur the project has on offer 2BH, 3BHK & 4BHK apartments. Chembur is slated to be one of the top destinations for investment with real estate price appreciation expected somewhere around 125%.  The reason for this massive rise in real estate prices is multi fold, first and foremost is the proximity of Chembur with Eastern Express Highway and the Santacruz Chembur Link Road which has enhanced connectivity with island city and western zone. Secondly, the Chembur-Wadala monorail link has directly linked Chembur to Mumbai’s prime office area- Lower Parel. Thirdly, top office markets of BKC and Lower Parel are situated at just a distance of 12 km from Chembur.

Coming to the project itself, the builder has ensured precise, planned construction to give well ventilated living spaces to the residents. Spread over an impressive 40 acres, the Radius Central Park Mumbai has 10 acres of just sprawling green landscape offering residents a tranquil, serene background. The project also has many modern amenities in keeping with today’s demand of socially active healthy lifestyle. So there are various options for those following an active lifestyle or those planning to do so like a well equipped gym, swimming pool, basketball court, jogging track, table tennis room etc. apart from these the project also offers amenities to help residents like shopping center, library, 24/7 power and water supply etc making their life more easy.

The builders have also been conscientious in terms of the eco-friendliness of this project, providing facilities like rain water harvesting, sewage treatment, garbage disposal etc.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Affordable and Exclusive Living with Casa Grande Elan


Imagine the luxury of living in a beautiful independent villa, now imagine if such a villa were to cost you just as much as an apartment. Casa Grande brings you to their latest project Casa Grande Elan that makes this imaginary villa a reality.
Set in a 15 acre sprawling expanse, Casa Grande Elan has beautiful villas & row houses situated at Thalambur on OMR just 10 minutes away from the bustling Sholinganallur Junction; Elan is intended to give you a life of extravagance and privacy all through. The villas have all been designed to have spacious rooms and all sorts of modern comforts that you require.
The complex has modern security features like, video door phones and CCTV’s and intercom system which in today’s times have become necessity in ensuring peace of mind for residents. Along with this the complex boasts of facilities that like swimming pool, gym, indoor games, walking and hogging track etc. Apart from this in a bid to make this a premium living experience for residents the builders have added some unique features  like a lily pond, barbeque facility, aroma garden, sand pit, gazebo, flower garden etc .
The company has made every effort to provide the highest quality of fixtures and fittings so that residents are able to fully enjoy functionality and aesthetic appeal.
Privacy in today’s times remains a priority for people, in a scenario of shrinking homes and rising prices people long for a sense of privacy and exclusivity. With their independent villas built over huge landscaped gardens Casa Grande Elan gives its residents the chance to live their life in luxurious surroundings that give them first class living experience at prices which do not seem utterly out of reach.