Monday, 23 May 2016

Color Me Happy

Red in passion, green with envy, blue with gloom, blushing in pink, white with fear, black with anger. There is a color for every mood so no wonder that color therapy as a science would find takers.

Color therapy, a sort of alternative medicine that is low on risk and high results, based on the chakras found in our body color therapy advocates usage of colors to help you lead happier and relaxed life. Colors affect us deeply, and its effects are remarkably obvious. Applying carefully planned and considered principles of Color Therapy on your office or your home will benefit you in the long term.

The first step in incorporating color therapy to your life is to analyze the space you are in, what color it is? How you or your family behave in that area? Do you like the color of that room or would like to change it? If so, then to what color? Once you find answers to these questions, you can start by thinking what effect do you want to bring about in that particular room and which color will help you achieve that. For e.g red, yellow, orange are colors that help you stimulate appetite, aid digestion and create a warm sociable environment, so either of these colors can be used in the dining room. Yellows works really well with areas where you would be writing, thinking reading etc as it promotes productivity and stimulates the mind, yellow also works at entryways and living rooms, however keep in mind that too much yellow maybe induce hyperactivity. So, to counterbalance it you can include a little blue in the room.

Blue brings peace and tranquility, a little too much though and you are looking to tiredness and gloom. Green is a color that is great everywhere, use a splash of it in every room, you don’t need to splurge on painting everything green, just get a bunch of plants and you are done.

Color therapy is a great way to enhance your life; however it is not necessary that you paint every room in a different hue. You can include accessories, cushion covers, curtains, paintings etc in the color of your choice to bring the same benefits. 

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