Monday, 16 May 2016

Tricks to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

As May is advancing, sweltering, scorching, soul-sucking heat is here and as far as summers in India go we are looking at a summer that is going to be relentless for the next 6 month. So, in heat such as this your air conditioner is like your door to heaven, however if you want save some money and keep cool, here are a few things you can do.

Go Green - Create a terrace garden, our roofs radiate heat making the whole house into an oven.  A roof garden ensures that the soil absorbs heat and the roof remains cool, consequently making the whole house cool.

Close the blinds - Seems too simple, however 30% of unwanted heat in our homes comes from open windows. Using shades and blinds can reduce indoor temperature by almost as much as 20 degrees.

DIY AC - Now this a hack that you can use occasionally, especially during power cuts where your inverter is just able to power your fan. Fill a shallow bowl with ice, position it at an angle in front of a large fan, the breeze picks up the cold water melting off the ice.

Unplug at Night - Unplug electronic devices that are not required at night as they all give off heat even while being switched off.

Go for light fabrics - instead of heavy silks, stuffy satins opt for cotton, chiffons and georgettes for bed sheets, curtains, pillow covers etc. These fabrics are breathable and light and allow you to feel more comfortable and airy. Additionally, changing upholstery and curtains give an instant revamp to your room.

Turn on exhaust fans - whether they are in your bathrooms or kitchens, exhaust fans throw out stale air. Keep them on to throw out warm, muggy air out of your home.

While these are a few tips to keep your home cool during this summer, we also advise you to keep your cool too. Drink lots of fluids, wear cotton, use ice packs and cold water bottles to feel chilled at night.

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