Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Want to Go Green? We Tell You How. .

Go green seems to be the mantra these days and rightly so. With the evidence of global warming in ever shortening winters and never ending summers right in front of us, it is time that we individually start looking for ways to minimize our carbon footprint and create a more a environment friendly atmosphere.
Due to the concern towards environment becoming a global phenomenon, it is relatively easier to adopt eco friendly living. There are a lot of ways to make your home green from construction to design to d├ęcor you can adopt a number of green methods. While, this might seem expensive and tiresome the truth is that the expense today will result in savings for a long time and in many cases the methods are cheaper than traditional practices. SO without further ado we present to you a list of things that make your home green.

  • Green Construction- Use fly ash brick, or autoclaved aerated concrete for construction, particle boards for flooring and insulite for roofing these are eco-friendly reduce costs over time. Install skylights where possible to allow natural light into your home reducing energy consumption.
  • Bamboo is better- Try Bamboo flooring instead of traditional hardwood as Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth; it is also very sturdy and durable.
  • Replace bulbs with CFL’s- You can save 66% of energy by replacing incandescent bulbs with CFL’s and you save almost 200 Kg’s of greenhouse gases.
  • Keep your Fridge in shade- Placed directly in front of sunlight makes your refrigerator work harder to keep cool. Move your fridge to the shade to make it work optimally.
  • Get low flow faucets and flushes and low energy appliances- low flow faucets and flushes reduce more than 30% wastage of water, low energy appliances or ‘Star-Rated’ appliances use 10-15% less electricity.
  • Use microwave and energy efficient cookware- Microwave’s use 50% less energy than ovens, using energy efficient utensils like silicone, ceramic and glass reduce cooking temperature required.
  • Recyle, Reuse- Recycle and reuse or upcyle old plastic bottles, glass bulbs, tires to make decorative items, furniture and accessories.
  • Keep homes scented naturally- Use essential oils or natural potpourri instead of aerosol room sprays to freshen up your home.

So there it is a few ways to a greener home. However, these are not the only things you can do with a bit of conscious effort you can find many other ways to make your home energy efficient.  

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