Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Feng Shui for your Kid’s room

In continuation with our Feng Shui series, we now bring you Feng Shui for your children’s rooms.  As with every other room in the house your child’s room also needs attention so that they have a cozy space where they can sleep peacefully, be happy and cheerful. Feng shui can help you achieve this goal by these simple tips.

Placement of the bed- Don’t place the bed directly in front of the door, the ideal position or “commanding position” would be across the room, diagonal from the door. This would help with issues in sleep as it puts the child in command of their room.

Choose the right color- A youngster’s room needs to have a balance of energy, so it should be neither too bright nor too dark while keeping in mind the personality and taste in mind. Using pastel shades of their favorite colors will achieve both the purposes.

Use Feng shui to boost self confidence- Place a full length mirror at the child eye level in his/her room, this will help in boosting self confidence. Another good idea would be to display their artwork or craft or family pictures to create a sense of comfort and love.

Ensure that the room is not cluttered- While this applies to most rooms, it’s a bit difficult to achieve it with a child. However, try to inculcate a habit of putting away toys, books and clothes away at the end of the say. An easy solution would be to have a designated place for everything, use a lot of boxes and baskets where things can be swept into in one go.

Hanging artwork- involve your child in picking up the artwork for their room, as stated in the point above you can use their own creations and family pictures. Do not hang pictures that depict fast movement in case your child has a hard time sleeping, as this might induce restlessness. 

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