Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Feng Shui for the garden

Good Feng Shui in your garden attracts nourishing energy to your home, while delighting your senses. When it comes to great feng shui design, size isn’t the main factor. While it is amazing to have a big, lush garden, you can create a good feng shui design even with a small space.

First and foremost, you need to understand the five elements of feng shui theory and then work towards strengthening each area.

For instance the Northeast area of your garden is connected to personal growth and self cultivation and the element is earth, an excellent idea would be to have a Japanese Zen garden with beautiful rock formations.

If you plan to add a water feature to your garden, then the Southeast, East and North areas signifying money, health and career respectively are the best choices.

Try and create gentle, curving pathways in your garden as this allows the energy to flow smoothly. Since nature doesn’t have straight lines, its best to follow that approach.

A wonderful addition to your garden would wind chimes, as their gentle sounds create healing energy. While each element of the wind chime design is important, mostly the deciding factors are the sound and look.

Working with feng shui colors is great way to emphasize the feng shui rhythms in your garden. In feng shui, color is used according to the five elements theory, and you can bring healing harmony and joy to your garden by choosing colors that emphasize specific energies. So you can opt for purple or red flowers in the South or yellow in Southwest of your garden.

Another element that enhances both the beauty and energy of your garden is the d├ęcor elements. You can add decorative elements like a metal sculpture of a turtle on the North side for protection or an outdoor fountain with floating golden hued bells at the Southeast for money and abundance. 

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