Saturday, 30 July 2016

Practical Vaastu tips for a happy home

Vaastu, which literally means 'house', is a science (shastra) of arranging the five elements - earth, water, fire, air and sky in complete harmony. The fundamental principle of Vaastu Shastra is to add value to a man's life. Behind every tenet of vaastu, there is a scientific reasoning that aims to provide an organized and convenient life to everyone. So, a few changes in your house can bring a lot of peace in your life.

In today’s apartments and rental culture changes related to architecture are not really possible.  Hence, we bring you a few practical changes that will bring balance into your home.

  •  At the entrance if you have a bare wall, place a statue or a picture of Ganesha. Since a bare wall represents loneliness, it is an excellent way to hide it.
  • Place scenery in the North East direction depicting a long road for good vision and planning.
  • Place a family photograph in the south-west direction in a yellow or golden frame or a picture / painting of sunflower for a healthy family bond for healthy family relations.
  • Place a picture or painting of a rising sun in the east direction for healthy social relations.
  • Place the study table of your kids in the east direction for improvement in studies.
  • Remove all the clutter, especially under your bed. It brings you down and keeps your mind subtly connected to the past, which impedes progress.
  • The bedroom should not be left in the dark; it should be well lit. Refrain from using dark colors on the bedroom wall to bring harmony and calm.
  • Place natural green plants or candles in the bathroom to remove negativity and bring brightness.
  • Do not sleep in any direct arrangement with sharp corners. Sharp corners act like energy spears and create stress in the nervous system.
  • Place a water fountain in the north-east direction of your house for harmony.

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