Saturday, 9 July 2016

Steps to make your city greener

In the throes of the monsoon, it is hard to remember the sweltering heat of the summers. However, this summer we touched record temperatures all over the country. So, probably it is time now that we start contributing in our own small way to make the earth a greener space.

House Plants Ho- Do not underestimate plants at your home, these plants can decrease the level of Co2 in your home to a considerable extent. Having small kitchen garden of herbs in balcony give you the benefit of fresh herbs, greenery and beauty.

Terrace Gardens- With more and more property development, lawns and gardens seem like a distant dream. However, there is nothing stopping you from having a terrace garden.

Ventilate away- Open your doors and windows for at least an hour every day, this will allow your home to get fresh air and get cross ventilated cooling it considerably.

Reduce usage of electrical appliances- Appliances like microwaves, induction cook tops, washing machines and dryers consume huge amounts of electricity. Limit your dependence on them. Instead, use alternate methods of cooking. Heat your food on the gas stove, instead of heating it in the microwave. Rely on sunshine to dry your clothes naturally, instead of opting for the dryer.

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle- The age old mantra for environment friendliness. Reduce your dependence on plastic. If you are forced to use it, then make sure you recycle and reuse it. Buy bigger bottles of shampoos, detergents and similar household products. Also, carry a jute canvas cloth bag with you when out shopping.

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