Friday, 22 July 2016

The weathered shabby chic look for your home

The 'weathered look' is in this season. Check out any new restaurant or a club and you'll see the grungy, garage look or the so called ‘warehouse’ look that has suddenly become stylish.

The places are generally loaded with loaded with metal and wood furniture, stone flooring and brick walls. There will be the unfinished look in terms of half done paint job, pipes overhanging and a general rusty feeling of a closed factory that's become the new cool hangout for youngsters. The interior design experts of the world are calling this rise of the shabby chic.

Following in the footsteps of the commercial are homeowners who are bringing this grunge look into their homes. The idea is to reduce and re-use, and make the living space look 'cool'. Imagine factory lighting, old ship's lanterns, station clocks... steel chairs gone a bit rusty and worn out. The idea is not to hide the building materials but to show them in all their glory. So, you have exposed pipes, bare ceiling with visible iron rods, wooden tables and metal chairs, brick finishing, tin roofs, metal furniture, steel glasses etc...

Industrial design is generally in neutral tones and showcases utilitarian objects. If turning your entire home seems a bit too much, then try to turn around a corner of your house with this vintage look. The most surprising part of this d├ęcor is that while you may think that ‘warehouse look’ will be cold and utilitarian, but it's actually quite the opposite - warm and vivacious.

So how do you go about getting this look at home ...
Try old metal pots inside rooms, these instantly spell the warehouse vibe to a corner or room at your home.
Get a vintage ceramic or metal pitcher for your bar. Add a metal jug or a decorative vase and put some flowers.

A few rustic metal stools, with a weathered look can appear quite stylish. Also old worn out trunks or dressers work really well, you can even use you basic wooden centre table and sandpaper it to get the weathered look

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