Thursday, 14 July 2016

Ways to jazz up that apartment balcony

Balconies are all that seem to be left to us in the urban concrete jungles that are our cities; very few have the luxury of gardens and courtyards. These small hanging spaces seem to be our only refuge as a window to the world, from where we gaze out to catch views of the city, or see the rare star in the skies.
Considering how important balconies have become, we came up with few creative ideas to jazz up this tiny space. Read on to know more.

Wall Gardens or vertical gardens- We covered vertical gardens in one of our previous posts as a new emerging trend for nature lovers where is space is crunch. While vertical gardens are somewhat expensive they do add depth to your drab little space. You just need to figure out plants according to the sunlight that you receive and an irrigation system.

Smart furniture work- If you have a little bit of space, then invest in good quality furniture that is light, portable and weather resistant. If you are using the balcony for lazing around then it is great idea to get ottomans or bean bags. You can even get a hammock or cane swing to add an element of fun.

Investing on basics- If you are intent on using this space then it makes sense to invest in basics like getting glass railings instead of metal or marble ones, as they add a touch of elegance while being low maintenance. Colors mirroring natures like greens, yellows and oranges look great in balcony.

Trendy décor- To make any space sing you need a few key décor items that bring the space alive. These need not necessarily be expensive; you just need a bit of aesthetic sense. Major décor elements that make a difference are lighting and upholstery, get interesting lighting fixtures like fairy lights, lanterns and small led candles to add beauty and festivity. Get rugs and cushions in sturdy fabrics and bright colors which won’t get spoiled due to the weather. 

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