Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Innovative ways to decorate your workstation

For a whole lot of us, our office is the place where we spend most of our time. So, sprucing up your cubicle is a great idea to brighten up your day at work as well as add some personality. While a lot of people have pictures pinned up and plants on their desk, we bring you some ideas that are off the beaten track.

Stone bookends: If you have books on your work desk, here's an idea. Instead of buying bookends from the shop, take two big rocks and create an attractive frame for your books. All you have to do is to simply color them in some bright colors like neon’s, golden or silver colour. This simple DIY is sure to make your bookshelf look attractive.

Hang your favourite photos: While you have pinned up pictures at your desk, its an idea that has been done to death. Instead of simply pinning them up, take a wire and tie it across the corner of your work desk. Ensure it doesn't block your monitor view, though. Then simply clip photos using cloth pins.

Use offbeat office supply storage: You have probably bought fancy tins to store your office supplies like pins, clips, among other items. But if you want to make it look different, try offbeat storage containers. You can use your old beer mugs to store pins, or use the traditional ceramic containers that your grandmothers use to store pickles and rock salt, to store office stationery.

Paint your pen holder: Want to let your creativity out? Take an old mug or bottle and paint it. Don't use big bottles or mugs, though. Look for small-sized ones and paint them. You can use interesting patterns, and can even decoupage the bottle to make for an interesting pen holder.

Frame your posters: Instead of simply pinning up posters of your favorite quotes, frame and hang them. Considering that you spend a long time at work, one does need to gaze at some inspirational quotes to be motivated every day. You get these frames online and in stationery stores. 

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