Friday, 5 August 2016

Revamping your home

Your home is your haven, so every now and then it needs your attention and a little bit of a revamp to keep the spark alive. With new developments in the world of interior design every season, why should you remain behind?
Here we bring you four ways to revamp your home in style.

Maximum amount of our time and funds are spent in dressing up our living room, after all, it is the statement we make to the world. The current trend of interiors advises the less is more approach, sleek looking, less space-occupying, consumable furniture that are perfect to lounge in. Statement pieces like dramatic arts and sculptures enliven a room. Structural changes like flooring make a tremendous difference to how your room looks.

As pointed above, statement pieces are conversation starters. There is no need for a statement piece of art; you can try for a statement piece of furniture that makes an even bolder statement. Vintage furniture and old world pieces are the in thing right now as are low height furniture. With a huge market ranging from thrift stores to ultra luxurious brands, its wide choice that you have.

Kitchens have never been more crowded or more stimulating than now. In today’s world kitchen is not just meant to be functional but also aesthetic. From appliance majors to décor specialists everyone is ramping up the look of the kitchen. A lot of dual function and space saving furniture is in the market specifically for kitchens. From foldable cabinets to extendable dining tables, it is all about efficiency. Modular kitchens are here to stay. Built-in space for kitchen appliances is a great choice. For kitchen cabinets, one should opt for hydraulic doors and drawers which are easy to operate and roll out

If you have the bucks then why not the luxury. In the realm of kitchen appliances are a whole host of appliances designed for specific and niche demands. There are 3 in 1 gas oven tandoors, air fryers, electric barbeques and ceramic hot plates to make the process of making delicious food easy and stress-free. Other appliances that are making a splash in this market are cooktop and wall oven combinations, steam ovens, wine refrigerators, freezer-on-bottom refrigerators, double and smart appliances

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