Saturday, 25 June 2016

From Dreary to Cheery. Hacks to turn your home around

Has your home started looking more like a dumpster than a retreat? Do you longingly look at others homes and wonder what is wrong with yours. Well, worry not we list down some simple measures to revamp your home into an inviting, cozy place which you would never want to leave.

Pile on the Pillows- Pillows are an instant and cheap way to revamp the look of your boring old sofa. Get as many as you can in different sizes, shapes and colors. You can even use old leftover pieces of fabrics and even old jeans to make interesting covers.

Gallery Wall- One frame per wall is outdated; a host of different paintings whether in the same theme or contrast are the way to go. Opt for mix a shapes and sizes and colors with monochromes to create a statement.

Antique/Vintage Look- Adding a vintage or rustic piece to your furniture gives it a bit of drama and becomes a conversation piece. You don’t have to buy something expensive to get the vintage look,  a lot of old stuff like chests and cupboards in your home or old doors are all excellent choices.

Say goodbye to your plain white curtains- Curtains can do a lot more than just keeping the elements away, you can play with a host of fabrics, patterns and textures to instantly uplift you room. If you don’t want to spend on new curtains get mirror wreaths or beads to hang along with your old curtains.

Fairy Lights- Lights are known to change the look of your dramatically, they can light up hidden corners and give the room a new look, fairy lights are an instant whimsical and inexpensive way to do up your room and they are very versatile too, you use them in a variety of way like draping around your collection of photos or a plant.