Friday, 1 July 2016

Give your home a makeover this monsoon.

You can love it, you can hate it but you definitely cannot ignore it. The monsoon season is upon on us finally, and while a lot many are thankful for the respite from scorching heat, others complain about jams, dirt and water logging. Whatever be your idea of monsoon, we bring you some tips to make you home better equipped and more comfy in this season.

For the Front Door- Place tall planters near the entrance of the house, where people entering your home can leave their wet umbrellas. Also, place a doormat right at the entrance, to keep any muck from entering the house. Materials like jute and bamboo work best for this purpose.

Brighten the Indoors- to create a warm, cheerful look, opt for colorful accent elements to brighten it. If you have neutral palette in your home, then place cushion and throws in bright inviting colors. You can also get thin curtains in colors like sunflower yellow, turquoise, mint green to instantly uplift your home.

Lighten Up- Remove heavy duty drapes and furnishing like velvet and jacquard curtains and wool rugs etc. These will not allow light to filter through and make the room appear gloomy, also heavy fabric retain moisture and create a dank atmosphere. It is better if you opt for bright washable rugs and curtains.

Scent of Rain- Bring the liveliness and distinctive fragrance of the monsoon into your home with candles and diffusers whose fragrance imitate the rain. Fresh flowers and lush, indoor plants are always a great idea.

D├ęcor and More- placing mirrors around the house helps a lot as they’re not only decorative, but also reflect the light, and make the room look brighter. Additional floor and table lamps will also work to create a warm and inviting glow.