Monday, 4 July 2016

Feng Shui for the Dining Room

Dining Room is one of the most important places in a home, it is where families get together and share meals. Dining rooms are the source of warmth, nourishment and love. Hence it is vitally important that your dining room is both functional and welcoming.

Dining room colors
Warm, earthy tones are best for the dining room. Some colors which go well with this room are pink, peach, yellow, green, beige, sky blue, creams, off white etc, you can mix and match to create a inviting atmosphere.

Dining Room D├ęcor and Accessories
Curtains and a thick rug or carpet can add to the beauty of the room and also add a soothing texture that helps to absorb sound and keeps the atmosphere of this room tranquil.

Paintings and Photographs
This is an ideal place for landscapes and framed artworks. However, this is not the place to display old or ancestral belongings.

Dining Room Lighting
The dining table should have adequate light that is centered over it so that you can see what you are eating. Overhead lighting and natural lighting through the windows is advised

Dining Room Mirrors

 Mirror reflects light and strengthens it. A mirror on the wall or sideboard reflecting the table enhances the healthy chi energy and can bring riches and health for the whole family.