Friday, 15 July 2016

Ivy Estate- Where Every Moment is Enjoyable

Ivy Estate, an integrated township project by Kolte Patil is one of the rare projects where community living is reality instead of a glossy magazine picture. Located at one of the hottest locations in Pune-Wagholi, Ivy Estate Pune brings to you the feeling of living in a cohesive unit. 

In earlier times, all of us remember visiting our neighbors regularly and spending time with them. Whether it was a big festival or a cricket match, the entire community enjoyed it as one big family, where the elders would meet and greet and bring scrumptious food and the younger ones would have a blast. As time has passed, most of us don’t even know the names of our neighbors, let alone meet or spend time with them. With increase in technology and urbanization we have forgotten what living in a community means.

However, at Ivy Estate, this is precisely what is going to impress and involve you. The overwhelming sense of living in a large family, with over 1600 families living here, you are sure to find people of your sort. With a bunch of community activities like skating, martial arts and learning football, dance, music designed specially to involve children, Ivy Estate has ensured that kids also understand what a healthy and active lifestyle is. And assured of their safety and security, the mothers are also enjoying their time meeting and talking.

The number of recreational facilities at the Ivy Estate in wagholi  will ensure that you get to spend a lot of time with your family. Whether it is enjoying some quality time at the pool, playing indoor & outdoor sports with your kids, and or spending time with your elders meditating and practicing yoga, this place has something for everyone. At Ivy Estate, every minute of free time will be transformed into moments of fun, creating memories just like a well-connected community does.