Thursday, 18 August 2016

Tips to make your balcony into an awesome sit out

In our urban landscape every inch of space comes at a premium, so, it is no wonder that everyone is trying to squeeze out the maximum from their homes. In case you have a balcony, then why not make it into a sit out and enjoy sipping your evening cuppa.

While ideally you can plan for a sit out during the construction or moving phase by getting special tiles laid, getting the balcony floor water proof, getting electrical points fixed and if you're receiving the harsh light of the sun, perhaps even an awning. However, it is never too late to start.

Depending on the size of your balcony, choose furniture- two chairs and a table or a bench. Cane or seasoned wood is best as they can withstand the weather. If you have the luxury of space, consider a day bed or even a swing.

Plants can convert even the dreariest balcony into an appealing place. You can go with a mix of wall-mounted pots, balcony planters and pots for your foliage. Keep a mix seasonal flowers and perennials.

With time you can add accessories to your balcony. Wind chimes, hanging plants, fairy lights, garden accessories, wall brackets etc to give the space character.

Weather proof
You can choose to weather proof your balcony by closing it with transparent glass shutters, so you enjoy the rains while you stay dry and warm on the balcony.

If you want privacy but don't want to feel walled in, fabricate a mesh and let climbers grow on it. It can shield you from your nosey neighbour and make a pretty neat addition to your balcony.