Saturday, 3 June 2017

Ideas to give your home a cool feeling

Spruce up your home with cool ideas to add elegance to your habitat. The following tips will help you transform your home into a contemporary living space.

•Try old metal pots inside rooms, these instantly spell the warehouse vibe to a corner or room at your home.

•Mood based lighting is the swank for homes. Many companies have launched lamps that change color on demand, while there are others which offer you bulbs which change color through an app on your phone.

•Get a vintage ceramic or metal pitcher for your bar. Add a metal jug or a decorative vase and put some flowers.

•Home automation helps in automatic and electronic control of household features, in-home activity and appliances. It’s an integrated technology and can then be controlled from far-off.

•A few rustic metal stools, with a weathered look can appear quite stylish. Also old worn out trunks or dressers work really well, you can even use you basic wooden center table and sandpaper it to get the weathered look

•A contemporary sound system like speakers in living room, bedroom and having the one in your showers add to √©lan to your home. They can be easily paired to your phone or tablet to play music.

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