Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Reasons to Choose SMC Realty as your One-Stop real estate boutique!

With the passage of the Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA) across states, it is going to change the way you will buy and sell property. The RERA is intended to protect the interest of the customer and ensure that they get value for their hard earned money. Today buying a house is a complex affair! You need to check the pedigree of the builder, the titles of the property, complete the legal formalities, arrange the bank funding and also bother about your interiors. That is surely an uphill task!

That is exactly where SMC Realty fits into your scheme of things. Apart from using our independent real estate research to shortlist quality builders, we will also give you a host of additional services to help you transition the property from an idea to a house and from a house to your home.

With the passage of the RERA, the traditional model of your neighborhood broker recommending properties is gone. The future lies in well capitalized institutional brokers who can give you the best properties at the best possible price and also hand-hold you through entire home buying process. That is exactly where SMC Realty fits in!

Get the SMC Realty Advantage…

•SMC will empower the customer with tie-ups with quality builders. In fact, the SMC team does its own rigorous due diligence before recommending a property for you to buy. SMC does its own background check on the track record of the builders, time and cost overruns, customer satisfaction etc. So when you are opting for a property that is marketed by SMC Realty, you can be certain that you are in safe hands.

•As a customer of SMC Realty, you have access to a wide array of properties across the length and breadth of India. Whether you are looking at a property for moving in or as an investment, SMC can offer you the right mix of quality and price.

•Real estate in cities like Mumbai and NCR are rated among the most expensive properties in the world. That means more and more Indians can now afford to buy properties abroad. With SMC’s exclusive tie-ups with reputed builders in other countries, we bring your properties from Australia, UAE, Thailand and Great Britain. So you can always come to us to invest in a property abroad where your children may want to settle down at a future date.

•The most important thing in selecting a property is due diligence. At SMC Realty our legal and process teams take care of the finer points of the property like clean title, encumbrance, liens, other statutory clearances, environmental considerations, FSI restrictions etc. Effectively, as a home buyer, you do not need to worry about any of these aspects. In fact, our process of project selection for marketing only starts after our legal team is fully convinced about the due diligence aspects.

•The other big reason for you to come to SMC Realty is that we understand the entire real estate ecosystem in India. The ecosystem consists of investors, borrowers, banks, builders, service providers, government agencies etc. As an individual you may find it hard to navigate the ecosystem. With numerous man-years spent by SMC in understanding the ecosystem you get our combined expertise absolutely free.

•SMC is an end-to-end service provider. We are not like the traditional broker who will just put you in front of the builder and leave the rest to you. We will see you through the entire process. SMC Realty will be your true-blue end-to-end service provider. We will help you identify the property, conducting the due diligence, help you get the finance arranged; assist you with the statutory clearances and formalities etc. What is more, SMC will also help you in identifying strong partners for your interiors, fixtures and fittings, luxury attachments and also give you invaluable tips on Vaastu and Feng Shui, which are quite popular in India to ensure positive energy in your house.

•And the biggest takeaway for you is that you have to pay us nothing. We will not charge you anything for getting you the best properties at affordable rates. So why shell out a percentage of the value of the property to the broker. At SMC Realty you are assured the best of properties, at the best of prices at no extra cost to you.

Disclaimer: We believe that the information provided to you is correct on the basis of the data provided to us, please consider this data and information as indicative and use your judgement and verify any information before making any decision.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Get some invaluable home décor tips for your home…

So, you have finally moved into your brand new apartment. You next big challenge is to focus on the home décor. What exactly is décor? Décor includes the layout and the furnishings of the interiors of the house. Right from how you space the furniture to how you arrange the antique pieces to how you hang the paintings on the wall and the colour of the walls and curtains  as well as the use of light; all come under the ambit of home décor. 

Remember, décor is not about beauty and aesthetic appeal alone. It is also about the space and positive energy inside your home. In this piece on home décor, we focus on two important aspects viz. selecting the paint for your walls and laying out your furniture.

What you need to take care while painting your house…

A very important part of your interior décor is the way you paint your house. Of course, it is also best to get a professional consultant to give you an idea of the painting options. Here are a few basic things you need to consider:

•Make it a point to pick the paint colour last. Once your furniture is set and your carpets are laid, you will get a much better idea of how well the wall paint will go with your interiors. 

•You have to actually simulate by painting a part of your wall and juxtaposing it with your interiors. Don’t go by your painter’s ideas. There is nothing like seeing the real thing.

•When you paint the walls, your focus should be on shades and not on colours. If your sofas are brown in colour, then one shade of yellow may look great but another shade of yellow may look out of place. Focus on the actual granular shade rather than just the colour.

•Test colours based on light streaming. A paint shade that looks great when outside light streams in may look too dark when you switch on the CFL lights. These are minor issues but they matter.

•Lastly, colour of walls can give a sense of space. Dark colours make the room look smaller. Try a combination of 3 walls with light shades and 1 wall with dark shade to get a better emphasis on the size of your room.

Furniture in the room must actually make it roomy…

The key to arranging your furniture is to allow as much space as possible. Gracious living refers to having enough space to move around the house instead of stuffing it with too much furniture. Whether you are furnishing your living room or your bedroom, ensure that there is enough space to move around. Decide your budget and spend on fewer but higher quality furniture rather than on too much furniture. Try to put a high backed chair or sofa in the corner of the room to highlight its presence. It makes the room look more spacious and elegant. For a more relaxed ambiance try to include greenery into your living room design, either, as a background or as interior plants.

Disclaimer: We believe that the information provided to you is correct on the basis of the data provided to us, please consider this data and information as indicative and use your judgement and verify any information before making any decision.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Brightening up your house with the Laughing Buddha…

Walk into any house or restaurant today and you are most likely to be welcomed by the ubiquitous “Laughing Buddha”. It is popularly believed that the Laughing Buddha brings joy, wealth and peace of mind to the house or office where it is placed. So if you already have a Laughing Buddha at your home or plan to bring one to your home, then here is what you need to know…

Why is he called the Laughing Buddha…?

The name comes from the fact that the Laughing Buddha always appears to be happy with a broad and sumptuous smile on the face. The Laughing Buddha is dressed in flowing robes and wears beads on his neck which basically signifies prosperity, abundance and good luck. The Laughing Buddha is always bald and that is why the image of the Laughing Buddha also conjures up pictures of deep and age-old wisdom. The idol of the Laughing Buddha is also found with a big tummy which is again an embodiment of abundance and prosperity. Overall, the idol of Laughing Buddha embodies abundance, prosperity and wisdom as well as his magnanimity and large-heartedness to share this prosperity with the place where he is housed.

Different forms of the Laughing Buddha and what it signifies…

Whenever you see the Laughing Buddha at any place, you will see him in different postures and each of these postures has a different significance.

•The seated Laughing Buddha surrounded by 5 children normally signifies all-round blessings including fecundity. This Laughing Buddha is seen wearing a necklace of beads and also carrying a small bag in his hand. The necklace represents the pearls of wisdom to dispel darkness from the house. The bag represents riches and prosperity.

•A very common image of the laughing image that you will find in restaurants and shops is the standing Buddha with both hands raised and holding golden balls. The wealth ball is meant to act as a magnet to attract prosperity. You must get this idol if you are looking at success in your business venture.

•Other than the golden Buddha above, there is also the brown Laughing Buddha with both hands raised and clasped together. This idol is also holding a bowl which symbolizes prosperity. The Laughing Buddha with a bowl above the head signifies the person’s openness to embrace material and intellectual prosperity.

•Then there is the reclining Laughing Buddha holding a fan in his hand. This fan represents mental calm and inspires people not to worry about problems they have to encounter. This Laughing Buddha is especially useful where the persons in the house are going through mental turmoil. This idol is believed to bring positive energy, good thoughts and peace of mind.

•The other common idol of the Laughing Buddha you will get to see is the Laughing Buddha with a broad smile and wearing a large hat on the head. This is supposed to represent light-heartedness and symbolizes happiness and health. Generally, when there are hold people in the house, this idol is supposed to maintain the balance of good health and a peaceful mind.

The above are the most popular forms of the Laughing Buddha. As we said, each of the postures has a unique significance and you can select the specific attribute that you require. Of course, in general, all Laughing Buddha idols do represent peace, happiness and prosperity.

Did you know this interest snippet about the Laughing Buddha?

One thing you cannot miss about the Laughing Buddha is the sumptuous stomach and the big smile. But did you know that if you keep a Laughing Buddha in the house you are expected to tickle the tummy of the Laughing Buddha idol daily. Hence it is important that the idol is not too small as that will make it difficult to tickle the tummy of the Laughing Buddha. It is believed that if you tickle the tummy of the idol daily then the Laughing Buddha will see to it that all your wishes are granted. Above all, ensure that the idol of the Laughing Buddha is always kept clean without dust. It is believed that if dust and dirt settles on the Laughing Buddha then it stops being effective.

Laughing Buddha forms part of the science of Feng Shui, which is a Chinese body of knowledge for bringing peace, prosperity and positive energy to the home. In the next few weeks, we will be covering more such interesting snippets for your home.

Disclaimer: We believe that the information provided to you is correct on the basis of the data provided to us, please consider this data and information as indicative and use your judgement and verify any information before making any decision.

Monday, 10 July 2017

SMC Real Estate gets RERA Affiliation in Rajasthan

SMC Real Estate Advisors Private Limited is registered with Rajasthan Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) SMC bears the registration number RAJ/A/2017/008. RERA makes it mandatory for all real estate advisors to be registered with the authority and the developer. The act makes it binding on the developers to disclose the name and other details of the authorized advisors who will deal with their projects.
In compliance with the act, SMC shall maintain books of account, records and documents. The SMC shall provide assistance to enable the allottee and promoter to exercise their respective rights and fulfil their respective obligations at the time of booking and sale of any plot, apartment or building, as the case may be.

Following the custom of transparency and integrity in every transaction with respect to real estate, SMC is committed to delivering a fair deal to its patrons. Affiliation with RERA in Rajasthan will pave the way for prospective real estate buyers to deal through SMC with assurance and ease.  

Disclaimer: We believe that the information provided to you is correct on the basis of the data provided to us, please consider this data and information as indicative and use your judgement and verify any information before making any decision.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Home Cleaning Hacks

These following astute day-by-day cleaning traps help you keep your home clean & tidy.

•Give your bedside table a speedy cleaning.

•Keep a sack in your storeroom where you can toss apparels which are not required any longer.

•Keep dry clean–ready stuff in a different area of your storeroom.

•Have a clothing container for every individual in your home

•Fast clean your shower every day by splashing it with cleaner and rapidly wiping surfaces

•Your towels need to appropriately air-dry so as they could be reused a few times. Ensure they are correctly hung to dry.

•The time you have to brush your teeth and wash your face is apparently the correct time you have to use a normal toilet cleaner before giving it a speedy scour.

•Empty the dishwasher while you blend your espresso.

•Change your dish towels all the more frequently

•Once your supper is prepared, rapidly flush utensils before taking a seat to eat.

•Wipe down your counters and stove every night before going to bed.

•Take out the waste while going out.

Disclaimer: We believe that the information provided to you is correct on the basis of the data provided to us, please consider this data and information as indicative and use your judgement and verify any information before making any decision.