Saturday, 4 March 2017

Home decoration ideas

Mirrors can add a lot of depth to the décor of your home, they are a relatively inexpensive and easy way in which to transform the look of your walls, and what’s more they make your home look bigger.

·         Use an array of small or differently sized mirrors, hung in an asymmetric or haphazard manner to make it look artsy. You can even use a single, dramatic, statement piece to add the glam quotient to your wall.

·         Since most of us end up living in cramped spaces due to the ever increasing property prices, any ideas that make your rooms look bigger are a boon. Install big mirrors opposite windows to reflect more light and make the room appear brighter and larger.

·         Use a mirror instead of tiles for your kitchen wall against the sink or the platform to open up a small area. You can also use mirrors as a sliding door for your cabinets so that they do not look like one. 

·         Hallways are largely ignored by us as we don’t actually spend time there, however, adding mirrors to the space will open up the area so that you don't feel confined within it. Drawers and cabinets with mirror doors in the hallway can make the home look lively and colorful, as they would reflect everything around it.

A statement mirror at the dining area- Using a statement mirror with a beautiful frame adds to the look of the room while highlighting the main attraction - food.